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Weekend Coupons: Here to Console You

So Lost Planet is $5 on Steam and Warhawk's down to $20 on PSN. That we knew. What other values can be had out there?

• For those waffling on getting into PS3 gaming, Best Buy is hoping a console bundled with either Guitar Hero III or Guitar Hero; Aerosmith (game and guitar) AND a $50 gift card will get them past the tipping point. That's if you have the $400 for an 80GB PS3, or $500 for the 160GB. [Cheap College Gamers]


• The coupon code Z0WPL1J0CC3W47 gets you 20 percent off gaming consoles and accessories from Dell. So if you want a PS3 but not all that other stuff from Best Buy, you can get one for $310 or $400 depending on your flavor. And a 360 Arcade model is $160, a Pro is $239.20 and the Elite is $319.20. The code's applicable with other items, too. [Slickdeals, and thanks reader Eddie M.]

• The code 35OFF gets you $35 off any version of Guitar Hero: World Tour at Red Octane's site. Shipping is free, too. That said, you could drive over to Circuit City, which is officially in 50 percent off territory and the one near me is overloaded with Guitar Hero and Rock Band stuff. [Cheap College Gamers]


• Gamestop's doing its usual trade-in credit boost thang, this time offering progressively higher percentages for trading in 2, 4 or 6 games. The rest of the circular has inducements for Killzone 2 and RE5.

As always, smart gamers can find value any day of the week, so if you've got a deal, share it with us in the comments. Thanks!

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