Weekend Coupons: Card Sharks

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So yesterday, Walmart slashed prices on Xbox Live subscription cards, and Amazon followed suit. Then everyone started offering $50 gift cards for Elite console purchases. This is madness! This is Weekend Coupons!


• Walmart is selling a 12-month Xbox Live subscription card for $30 - that's $20 off. Offer is good for the Internet or in-store (check for delivery). Big thanks to reader amacvane for spying this. [Walmart]

• Lo and behold, once Walmart did this Friday, Amazon returned fire, matching the price. And as Dealzon notes, it might actually beat the price as most won't pay any kind of tax (or shipping) on the purchase through Amazon. [Dealzon]

• Retailers are continuing to clear off holiday console stock. The Xbox 360 Elite bundle, for $299.99, gets $50 gift cards thrown in at both Best Buy and Newegg (Newegg through Thursday). And the Arcade is down to $174 on both Amazon and Dell. [Dealzon]

• Gamestop felt left out, so they, too, are offering a $50 gift card if you take an Elite off their hands. [GameStop]

• The PSPGo makes its Weekend Coupons debut, via Newegg, which is offering the handheld for $20 less than anywhere else. It's $209.99 for white, $219.99 for black. [Dealzon]

• And if consoles must go, that means controllers, too. Remember, never pay MSRP for that extra controller. Newegg and Amazon are doing up Xbox 360 controllers for $30, in flavors both black and white. [Dealzon]


• Beginning this instant - as in, right now - Amazon's offering a lightning-round deal on "role-playing first person shooting for the PC." To me that means either Borderlands or Fallout 3. Which is it? [Cheap Ass Gamer]

• It might be nearly two years old, but Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, new in the box, is down to used prices on Newegg. $19.99 and free shipping puts it in your hot little hands [TechDealDigger]


• Also from Newegg, the Resident Evil 5 Collector's Edition on PS3 for eight bucks more than the lowest price on the game itself. That's $44.99, to be precise. The package gets you the game, a Redfield action figure, Kijuju pendant and other swag. [Dealzon]

• Steam's got an interesting offer good until the end of today (PST) only. The indie PC racing game Zero Gear (which released Tuesday) is free for Saturday only My error. The game has a free-play day all today. It is then $14.99 on Sunday (a savings of $5). So getting the game free today does not mean you keep it tomorrow. [Steam]


As always, smart gamers can find values any day of the week, so if you've run across a deal, share it with us in the comments.



I have a weird Catch 22 with XBox Live, aside from the fact that I think paying for online p2p gaming is incredibly stupid.

I wouldn't go crazy if I paid $30 a year for it, but I don't want to get it considering I don't have a headset or any games with good/active online, and I don't want to get a headset or games with good/active online because I don't have Live.

And my brain goes in circles...