Weekend Coupons: Accessorize

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Amazon leads a parade of price-drops on Xbox 360 accessories. Also, just reminding you that Halo 3 multiplayer is free this weekend for XBox Live silver members. Without further preamble:

• Amazon: Offering a 120GB Xbox 360 hard drive for $35 off the list ($125). If you have super saver shipping, you get it free in two days. They're also discounting the wireless network adapter to $80 ($20 off), the text messaging kit to $20 ($10), and the wireless headset to $40 ($10 off). [Cheap College Gamers]

• Best Buy: In games, they're discounting disappointments and shovelware, but they are offering $20 off on a 360 hard drive (120GB) and $10 off 360 controllers, if you don't have free shipping at Amazon, or want to pick one up today rather than wait.


• What a deal: Too Human is $12 through Buy.com. Pros: It's $12. Cons: It's Too Human. [Cheap Ass Gamer]

• Gamestop: If you want to unload some Wii titles, they give you $10 extra store credit for 2, $25 extra credit for four. For the 360, Star Wars: STFU is $20 off. Wonder if that's new or "new."

• In games you might actually want: Guitar Hero: Metallica can be found for $48 ($40 Wii) with free shipping. Peggle and Peggle Nights, on the PC, can be had for $10 this weekend only. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (360) is down to $20, from $30. [CCG]

• Online: Steam's showcase is Peggle (above); Xbox Live gives you Penny Arcade Episode 1 for half-off (800 points instead of 1,600); and PSN's big drop is Flock for $15.


As always, smart gamers can find values any day of the week, so if you've run across a deal, share it with us in the comments.

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The 120 GB Hard Drive from $160 to $35!!!!

Okay, as a 360 owner, I'd be stupid to NOT buy this!

My 20 GB HD is almost completely full, and I've always avoided buying the 360 accessories since they're usually too expensive. But with a price drop like that, there are SIMPLY NO MORE EXCUSES!


The $20 price drop for the wireless adapter is a "meh" since it's still rather high up in price. Give it a 78 and 1/8% discount (oh yes, I did the math) like they did with the HD, and then we'll talk!