Week in Games: Next Year in Games

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This week's list of new releases is so pitiful it's not worth a discussion on its own. So this week, let's look at some upcoming games with confirmed dates in 2009.


First, for those who really are interested, here are the five (5) titles dropping in North America this week, three on DS, two on Wii, one for the PC:

Monday (Dec. 22)
Fun! Fun! Minigolf (Wii)
Tiki Towers (Wii)

Tuesday (Dec. 23)
Dreamer: Horse Trainer (DS)
Dreamer: Puppy Trainer (DS)
Mystery P.I. - Portrait of a Thief (PC, DS)

More constructively, here are next month's major drops, followed by some titles that have gotten a lot of mention and are scheduled to ship in February or March. So, if you haven't gotten enough games already in 2008, or got them for the holidays and are ungrateful enough to pine for more in the coming year, let everyone know what you're looking forward to, in the comments.

Jan. 6
Saint's Row 2 (PC)

Jan. 9
The Lord of the Rings: Conquest (PS3, 360, DS)

Jan. 13
Mirror's Edge (PC)
Moon (DS)

Jan. 19
50 Cent: Blood on the Sand (PS3, 360)

Jan. 20
Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (Wii)

Jan. 21
Skate 2 (PS3, 360)
SimAnimals (DS, Wii)

Jan. 27
Afro Samurai (PS3, 360)
MLB Front Office Manager (PC, PS3, 360)

Jan. 29
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (Wii, DS)
Ninja Blade (360)
Shellshock 2: Blood Trails (PS3, PC, 360)

Feb. 10
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (PS3, PC, 360)

Feb. 16
The Wheelman (PS3, PC, 360)

Feb. 17
Street Fighter IV (PS3, 360)

Feb. 27
Killzone 2 (PS3)

March 3
Halo Wars (360)

March 13
Resident Evil 5 (PS3, 360)

March 15
Sonic and the Black Knight (Wii)

March 17
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (DS)

March 31
MadWorld (Wii)


Nightshift Nurse

Where's Retro Game Challenge and Ys: Books 1 and 2 for the DS?

Where's DJ Max Fever, Star Ocean: Second Evolution and Resistance: Retribution for the PSP?

Any one of those trumps a good, healthy chunk of that list.