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It doesn't mean such games are in development - at most the companies owning these marks have moved to protect them - but new domains for GoldenEye and Driver have been registered by Activision and Ubisoft.


Superannuation, of course, discovered both this week. Most recently, the URLs and were registered on Wednesday. Bloodstone is rumored to be the name for the next Bond game. As for Goldeneye, if this is anything it's likely a reboot (possibly this Wii game an artist said he was working on?) because the chance of rereleasing Rare's beloved Nintendo 64 original are all but dead.


Elsewhere, Superannuation found, and also and registered by Ubisoft. Driver hasn't done so hot in its last three installments, but it's now under new management, so maybe that gets better. Assassin's Creed is known to have a sequel due in 2011, starring ACII hero Ezio, but its name has yet to be announced.

[Superannuation via VG247]

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