We’re returning to our playthrough of Nier: Automata right now on Kotaku’s Twitch channel. It’s a game about happy androids, where nothing goes wrong.


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I couldn’t get it to let me comment even though I followed so I’ll just leave it here:

I’m not the person I was a few weeks ago so pay comments, set aside, all my reality has shook up big time.

24mins in-

That texture pop it was on purpose. It feels like poor effort but ‘in reality’ we don’t render everything until it’s upon us either. I’m in trust mode and, like assassin’s creed, no one feels my presence until i want them to. so I’m not rendered for them until i am upon them. that’s how con men do what they do too. so, for the androids, they perceive the world through electronic filters, just like us. we see the world artificially from a distance, when we get closer we focus and there’s a texture pop. World rendering at 1440p as someone supplied me yesterday. Right now my life is catching up on its fate for 283 days to 1 day. That explains that bloody kingdom hearts game.

My voice resonates on a “light” level. Look up Hayley Victoria Morris on YouTube. It’s fascinating. I love you and your analysis’ enjoy your day.