We’re playing Metal Gear Solid live now on Twitch until we finish! Expect wolves, ketchup, gunfights, and sunglasses. If you think you’re up to it, come and join the chat, rookie. 


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Wow, I remember ordering Pizza Hut Pizza just to get the MGS demo disc that had the intro snow area available for play. That demo blew, my, mind. Easily top 10 game of all time. It had awesome story full of interesting twists, game play mechanics that were revolutionary at the time, and an art direction that took full advantage of the technology of the time. Plus all the little details Kojima is now infamous for, like how looking at certain things triggered hilarious reactions in game. In fact, I may load up the game today and play, but not sure if I want to play the GC or PSX version... the PSX is classic, but the GC version has great “updated” visuals and gameplay... decisions decisions...