Last week, I asked you to let us know how many of you owned a high definition television set. Your answers are now in. Let's take a look!

I posed the question because, in the wake of comments from Epic's Mark Rein and the continuing discussion over games which cater to owners of HDTVs, I was curious to see just how many of you are affected by things like Mass Effect 2's tiny text.

Turns out, not many. 77.9% of you told us you have a high definition TV set. For those still kicking it in the standard definition era, your reasons for staying were varied, 45.6% saying the more modern televisions were too expensive, 24.4% of you saying you - like I did for a while there - get by using your console on a PC monitor, and 17% saying you were perfectly happy with standard definition, thank you very much.


Now, we're not going to claim this is a scientific study. The purchasing habits of Kotaku readers may/do not dovetail with those of the "average" consumer. But you know what, we had 13,245 responses, so average or not, that's one hell of a sample group.

In the interests of transparency, you can see the full results spread below. Note that all votes cast were guarded against duplication by both IP address and cookies.