This Is Not The "HD Generation"

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This was supposed to be the "high definition" generation of gaming. That's what it brought that was new. 16:9, 1080p, all that. But four years on from the release of the 360, we're anything but.


Sure, you may game on a HD set. I know I do. But in an interview with Eurogamer, Epic's Mark Rein has revealed that "Over half the users who played Gears of War 2 so far do not have HDTVs".

That's, uh, a lot. Millions of people. No wonder these console manufacturers keep banging on about a ten-year lifecycle; it's going to take that long for people to upgrade to a HDTV.


Epic's Mark Rein [Eurogamer]

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this is one of the reasons why nintendo decided not to go HD. this fact proves that nintendo is ahead.

1. they have motion controls AND motion plus.

2. those who think natal and sony motion controller is better, question to you is: has it been released yet? answer is no. by the time they release it,who knows what nintendo has ready. this means, nintendo definitely has more experience in this area of gameplay/controls.

3. Which is harder to develop? HD or motion control? answer is motion control. HD, you basically need stronger hardware and software.

4. Cost. yes we know nintendo has been releasing peripheral by peripheral. but think about it, if nintendo released all those peripheral all in the same month, that would cost so much that not many people will be buying these. by releasing these bit by bit, people would have money to consume and wouldnt have problem. I would rather buy a motion plus now for 25$ rather than buying all the bundle for 100+ when the wiimote and nunchuck was first released.

Just imagine how much natal would cost when it releases. and imagine how much the Sony motionControl would cost, you need not only the controller but also the eyetoy. all together will be 100+.

5. and finally, when you buy the wii, you play WITH the motion controls, meaning games were made for it. so whether the game is speciaclly build for motion controls, you dont have to worry about buying a wiimote cause it comes with the console. and already the implimentation of GC/classic controller is already included(some devs give this feature,but since all wiigames can use the motion control, that is nothing to worry about. Once a 360/PS3 game releases specifically for the motion, not many people will have the chance to play these with the motions because they will have to purchase natal or sonys motion controller. Yes maybe they will allow classic controller gameplay, but many would probably want to try,maybe the game is meant for motion,or maybe gameplay is proven to be better with the motion.

I do not hate PS3 or 360 cause do love to play many games on these consoles. Im just trying to prove a point, or explain why the Wii shouldnt be looked down on,hated or think the wrong decision nintendo has made. if you really think about it, Nintendo has ONCE again increased the number of gamers(just like the NES was first released when gaming era was struggling). yes many of them are casuals,but remember that alot of these new casual gamers(talking about the kids) will eventually grow up and become hardcore gamers just like many who are hardcore gamers today.

If you trully are a gamer,whether you are hardcore or casual, you should treat each platform equally and base it on its capabilities. this is something many gamers are being ignorant of.