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Daigo Umehara, yes that guy, has won the Evo 2010 Super Street Fighter IV championship title.

In the grand finals, Daigo defeated player EG Ricky Ortiz 3-1. Coming in third, fourth and fifth were players Inflitration, Mike Ross and "Vangief".


In 2009, Daigo won Evo 2009 Street Fighter IV championship title after beating U.S. champ Justin Wong.

Daigo Umehara Wins Evo 2010 Super Street Fighter IV Championship Title [Kineda]

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Just a few thoughts on Evo 2010:

1) The streaming was terrible. It cut off right at the last match between Daigo and Ricky. No one saw the win.

2) Adam Sessler was fucking HORRIBLE as a commentator. He knows nothing about fighting games and brought nothing to the matches.

3) Tekken 6 is hated. Believe it. The crowd was dead for most of the matches and the pro/anti Tekken 6 banter in the chat was the most entertaining thing about that tournament.

4) The sexism and vulgarity expressed by people in the live stream chat and on Shoryuken during the female SSF4 invitational was disgusting and appalling. It needs to be addressed quickly because there is no place for such language. This is supposed to be a community yet it showed why fighting games will always be niche because a certain percentage of morons have to act like idiots and not be welcoming to newer people playing.

5) The argument that sticks are better than pads and insure victory is null and void. A pad Zangief won HD Remix and pad players made up a huge part of the top players in Tekken 6 and SSF4 including Vangief who upset Justin Wong.