If You See This Gamertag, RUN

Daigo Umehara, fighting game superstar, isn't only tearing up tournaments. He's also kicking ass on Xbox LIVE. Beware!


Daigo is, of course, famous for this clip. Let's have a look at the Super Street Fighter IV worldwide "Player Point" rankings.

Hrm, number one is Japan. "gameinn"?


Now, let's have a look at the global "Battle Point" for Street Fighter character Ryu. There's that "gameinn" again.

And "gameinn" is...? You guessed it, Daigo Umehara. When he revealed the gamertag he uses on web broadcast Nico Nico Live, Umehara said that players would be able to figure out it was him pretty quick because he's good.


According to Daigo, "gameinn" isn't actually his personal gamertag as he doesn't have his own Xbox 360. Thus, he borrows his friends' gamertag to play Super Street Fight IV. And since it is not Daigo's personal gamertag, he can't do things like respond to messages or friend requests. But when he plays Super Street Fighter IV on the Xbox 360, that's the gamertag he plays under.

Just think what his ranking would be if he had his own gamertag and Xbox 360!

Daigo will kick your ass. No, really. You've been warned.

『スパ4』ウメハラさん、世界ランク1位になる「強すぎるからわかると思いますけど」 [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]

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