Watch Zygarde Achieve Its Final Form In Pokémon Sun and Moon

The digital snake-thing that made its debut in Pokémon X and Y was just the tip of the five-form Zygarde, and while we’ve seen the doglike 10 percent form and Digimon-ish complete forms in side games and the anime, we’ve yet to see them in a proper Pokémon game. Now we have.

Zygarde starts life as a Cell, evolves into a brain-like Core, and that Core forms the basis for a trio of advanced states. The first in the progression, Zygarde 10 percent, made it’s in-game debut in a clip shown at this weekend’s Taiwan National Pokémon Championships event. Update: Now with official videos.

Fans were quite pleased with the appearance of scarf dog Zygarde, but that teasing clip was only part one.


Zygarde complete is a mech-like form that the Pokémon only achieves when a threat is too dire for the other forms to handle, or when the plot calls for it. We’ve seen it in Pokémon Picross, of all places, and now we’re seeing it in Sun and Moon. Here comes part two, so nice they showed it twice.

Those cheers, man. I shall cheer exactly like that when my puppy Zygarde auto-upgrades to Digimon Zygarde in Pokémon Sun and Moon this fall, though maybe in English.

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Look, it’s Gundam Zygarde! :D