It might be in the running for “most ridiculous Pokémon yet.”

If you play Pokémon at all, then you’re probably already familiar with Zygarde. It looks like this:

Well, as it turns out, that’s actually one of many different forms that this Pokémon can take. First, the Pokemon starts out as a cell. Then it turns into a core—this is the mysterious green blob that The Pokémon Company was teasing for a while. Then it turns into...a dog? And THEN it turns into the Zygarde we’re familiar with. But wait, there’s more! Its final form is something that resembles a transformer.

Here’s The Pokémon Company, describing all the different ways this Pokémon can exist:


Individually, some of these Pokémon look pretty good. That dog looks sweet, and of course the complete form looks awesome. But put all together, as a concept, it’s really silly—and perhaps a sign that the concepts behind some Pokémon are becoming a little convoluted. I say this knowing full well that I’m going to try to capture this and see all of its forms in-game if possible. Damn it, Game Freak.

But what I want to know is...does this mean we’re getting a Pokémon Z eventually? Or are we skipping that whole “third version” thing this generation?