Watch Women Beat the Crap Out of Each Other on a Plywood Floor

Supremacy MMA, the sports/fighter hybrid that takes a raw, underground look at mixed martial arts, made waves earlier in the week when it revealed two female fighters would appear in the game. Supremacy, pardon the pun, pulls no punches regardless of gender. A woman stands the chance of being beaten bloody, just as much as a man.


Here are Felice "Lil Dog" Herrig and Michele "Diablita" Gutierrez talking about their appearances in the game, alongside gameplay video of them taking and dishing out punishment on the plywood-floor arena.

The ladies take elbows head, shots to the kidneys, and hammer fists to the face. Whatever she suffers in the game, Gutierrez has been through it in real life. She says her nose was shattered to the point that "my septum was gone," and total reconstructive surgery was required. She's dished it out, too, fracturing a competitor's orbital socket.

My big question, will the game allow you to fight women - whether created or licensed fighters - against men? We're working on getting that answer and more for you next week.


This one woman in the video says she got into fighting after a period of "partying and doing drugs." Whatever. I'd rather party and do drugs than beat the crap out of people. She says she broke a girl's orbital bone, "didn't talk to her much after," but "felt bad" and giggled. Wow, way to turn your life around. You're a real f-ing winner now.

She needs to get in touch with who she is. Fighting is just another hiding place for her.