Supremacy MMA, the underground fighter coming in late spring, will deliver something the two other mixed martial arts console titles don't have: women on the fight card.

Michele 'Diablita' Gutierrez, a former boxer who has transitioned to MMA, and Felice 'Lil Dog' Herrig, who was featured on Fight Girls on the Oxygen network, will be a part of the game.

Supremacy MMA is a kind of hybrid game whose pitchman, former lightweight champ Jens Pulver, considers more of a fighting-genre game than a sports simulation. Its graphic depiction of blood and broken bones militarized MMA fans who remember the lawless days that gave the sport a bad mainstream rep before big promotions like the UFC cleaned it up. Indeed, New York state has legislation pending that would ban the sport.

So it'll be interesting - that phrase is a euphemistic dodge, of course - how this game treats female combatants, and how games customers and the public at large react to that. One YouTube video showing a guy beating a girl bloody gets out, and we have the potential for some serious shit here.

Supremacy MMA has Boobs [IGN]