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Watch Two Players Team Up to Run Goldeneye in World-Record Time

Illustration for article titled Watch Two Players Team Up to Run emGoldeneye/em in World-Record Time

Awesome Games Done Quick has, no lie, delivered some absolutely compelling video game theater this weekend already. That's a genuine roar from the audience when these runs are finished, and the cheering is richly deserved. Early this morning we got another instant classic: A world-record run of Goldeneye.


Ryan White and Alex Anderson of the speedrunning community are, like a rally-race team, handling this run cooperatively, with White handling the "driving" and Anderson calling out the directions while taking care of the pitch, trigger, A and B buttons. They snip the finish line at 24:01, taking advantage of trick where Trevelyan drops a grenade on himself.

The appeal of eSports may escape some, but a familiar game played for speed is easily understood. I could watch this stuff all day, but I have to work. If you want to tune in, check this post. They just finished Paper Mario. If there's a run you missed or if you're wondering if a game you like has been played, see this Reddit thread with all the games and times, and links to archived video of the speedruns.


Awesome Games Done Quick also is raising money to support cancer research, and if the spirit moves you to contribute, you may do so here.

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I don't get people's fascination of Goldeneye. Was/is it really that good? but having never played it myself, I can't really say much about it.