Watch The PlayStation 5 Showcase Here

At 4:00 p.m. ET today, Sony is kicking off a 40-minute PlayStation 5 showcase. Watch the English-language stream above, or tune into PlayStation’s YouTube channel for streams in other languages, including Spanish and French.

Back in June, Sony officially pulled back the curtain on the PS5. We learned that it’s more powerful than the PlayStation 4, that a bunch of games are eventually coming to it, and that a version without a disc drive exists. To the chagrin of my ears, the world was introduced to Bugsnax. But other than that, info swirling around Sony’s next generation of consoles been scant. We still don’t know a price or release date for either model. (Meanwhile, last week, Microsoft confirmed the existence of an all-digital next-gen Xbox and revealed the sticker price and release date for both consoles.)

What’s more, many of the games announced in that June reveal—from Deathloop to Kena: Bridge of Spirits to, sorry, Bugsnax—were announced with “holiday 2020" release windows but have since been delayed to 2021. The PS5 launch lineup is currently shrouded in fog. Here’s hoping it—and info about price and release date—gets cleared up a bit today.

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Christine Q.

Well, I’m speccing that it’s going to be $600, the games are probably going to be $70 per and that miles morales will probably be the launch game they’ll be pushing.