Watch Someone Play (Use?) Home v1.00 For 15 Minutes

Click to view G4 have been given permission to upload a 15-minute, direct-feed clip of agonising load times somebody wandering aimlessly around Home v1.00. If you're having trouble sleeping tonight, it comes highly recommended.

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Mr. Wilson, Reluctant Pumpkin King Incarnate

I'm I the only one who wishes this was just like GTA IV in a social setting?

It'd make it far more entertaining to be tossed in the middle of a little street war and having to duck to avoid your friend's ex's RPG (which assuming it's a small program, should blow the crap out of that big tv and leave debris all over the place) while he whips out something equally nasty.

Of course, the sad thing's unless you're an early bird, everything will be demolished by the time you log on, so you'll have to resort to cussing out your buddies partially with words, partially with the report of whatever you're wielding at them.