Watch R2-D2 Go on a Hilarious Death-Dealing Rampage in Grand Theft Auto IV

This clever Grand Theft Auto mod is pretty funny for the first 1:45 then HOLY SHIT does this little droid turn into an engine of destruction. And if you think that is hilarious, my God, turn off the annotations and wait until 3:43 for one hellacious surprise. Just cover your keyboard, or don't be drinking anything.

This mod was done by YouTube user jrmoorf00t4 based on an idea by his friend taltigolt.

Grand Theft Auto IV R2-D2 Mod [YouTube. Big h/t to Andy S.]

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Seeing the fire trail on the road, I kinda wish there'd be a Back to the Future open-ended adventure in the future (I mean in our, real life, next gen console future..). Say you get one large map, like in GTA SA, and then you could go to some three or four different time periods, each with it's own different feel and look..