Watch Hatsune Miku Perform 'Live' In Phantasy Star Online 2

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Japanese virtual idol Hatsune Miku and her vocaloid friend, Meguirine Luka, have been popping by the Asia version of Phantasy Star Online 2 for years. Now North American players are getting their first taste of Miku and Luka’s “Living Universe” performance, and I was there, awkwardly trying to figure out the dance emote.

A handful of Xbox One PSO2 players showed up for last night’s concert, located in the game’s colorful shopping district. They had chairs and fancy outfits. My character, Karen, was decked out in her newbie best. The lights dimmed, and several minutes of musical magic happened.

It’s no flashy Fortnite live event, but the concert was a neat diversion from wandering the wilderness, kicking and slicing cute bird creatures. Miku and Luka perform with the grace and precision of programmed singing robots. It’s all in the name of promoting universal harmony and selling in-game scratch tickets with a chance to win outfits and items based on Miku and her friends.


The “live” stage event will be running a couple of times a day through May 25, so check out the official schedule if you’re interested in catching a performance. Maybe bring a date.

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Hot take. Now that PSO 2 is finally hitting the west, I’m a lot less interesting in playing. Almost like it’s now lost it’s cool factor because it’s so easy to access now. I guess it COULD be the games age, or that I’ve already done pretty much everything I wanted to do on the Japan servers already....but I’m a little surprised by my feelings considering I was always bashing sega for not getting it released here :/ I hope I don’t sound like a hipster...