Video games can never do a decent sex scene. Know why? It's all about the mouth. In the movies, people kiss. In video games - like Dragon Age II - it's like two mailboxes clanging against each other.


Sure, there's narrative satisfaction to be gained from seeing your character and another knock boots, but that sex just looks awkward.

And what is it with BioWare games and all this chit-chat? All this formality? Sex isn't always a set piece. It often just happens, and as such, it'd be great to see a little change in Mass Effect 3. Drop all this ceremony. Maybe Shepard can just walk into a bar, slam down ten drinks and wake up next to a Krogan. Bam. Genophage averted.


Needlesss to say, these three clips contain spoilers. Spoilers and steamy beard-on-beard kissing.

[via Destructoid]

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