Watch Dogs: Legion's Next Update Will Add 60 FPS Performance Mode On PS5 And Xbox Series X

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Image: Ubisoft

In its upcoming 4.5 title update, Watch Dogs Legion will finally get a 6o FPS performance mode on next-gen consoles. The news was teased by Ubisoft in a blog post covering the last update for the open-world action game.


When Watch Dogs Legion launched back in October of last year, it was one of the first next-gen games folks could get their hands on. But unlike other PS5 and Xbox Series X launch titles, including Ubisoft’s own Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion ran at a locked 30 with no optional performance mode.

News of a 60 FPS mode isn’t surprising considering Ubisoft in April confirmed during an AMA that a 60 FPS mode was in development. But it’s still nice to know that the next update for Legion will include it. Ubisoft doesn’t say when to expect this update, which will also fix some bugs plaguing the newly added operative Mina, but it sounds like it will be here sooner than later.

Sadly, while a smoother framerate will be nice, it won’t solve the other issues that have continued to plague Watch Dogs Legion, including broken saves, crashes, bugs, and an online mode that feels empty and boring.


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And what will be the graphical penalty for switching to performance mode?

This gen is fucking sad.

The idea that we’re spending hundreds of dollars for the newest and most advanced consoles but still have to choose between quality or performance it’s ridiculous.

And we’re just at the beginning of this gen too, like are we going to have to choose between graphics or performance for the entire lifetime of Ps5/Xbox?