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Watch as Dubstep Ruins Your Favourite Video Game

Kotaku's own stationary troubadour Kirk Hamilton has already shown you how some movies can be improved/ruined by the addition of dubstep. Now it's time to see how video games can be improved/ruined by it.


New games, old games, it doesn't matter. These videos are taking a game, ripping its heart out, showing you a few seconds of gameplay then abruptly goi-WUB WU BWUB WUBMMM WWWUUMMM.


I wasted a good portion of last night punishing myself in this NeoGAF thread, watching as with each press of F5 another of my most cherished video game memories (System Shock 2, Phoenix Wight) was kind of destroyed, and kind of made absolutely hilarious.

Youtube your favorite game + dubstep [NeoGAF]

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So can we examine why the internet (and the world seemingly then as a whole) has such a love/hate relationship with Dubstep? I've been into electronica/trance/techno for ages now and it seems like it's a natural extension of it for the bass-ophiles out there. Yes, there are some who do it rather poorly, but then there are those who create amazing pieces with it. Hate the artist, not the genre.