From Far Cry 3 to It's a Wonderful Life, Dubstep Makes Everything Better

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Far Cry fans the world over have gotten a fresh taste of Ubisoft's coming open-world shooter via a trailer that was released yesterday.

It looks… well, as a known Far Cry 2 obsessive, I'm not quite ready to say how it looks. But I can talk about how it sounds, and it sure sounds dubsteppy to me.

Before we saw the full trailer, we got a short teaser which was called the "Stranded Teaser."


In it, we hear that crazy guy from past trailers daring someone to shoot him. Then, someone gets shot! Was it him? Was it someone else? A guy's eyes open and then


Here's the teaser trailer.

Ubisoft has, of course, become quite enamored of dubstep, using the distinctive music in several of their other game trailers. Fans of Far Cry 2 may have been a bit put off by the extreme drop at the end of this trailer—after all, that game had a distinctive, compelling soundtrack made up mostly of African vocalists and string instruments.


Vox Games' Justin McElroy, on the other hand, appears to have fallen in love with the idea, and has hilariously cut together a series of videos that… well… I'm not going to spoil them. Just watch (and listen) for yourself.

"The Princess Bride"

"You keep calling things dubstep. I do not think that word means what you think it means."


"Little Rascals"

"I've got a drop, I've got a drop, I've got a drop, hey hey hey hey."

"It's a Wonderful Life"

"Every time a drop drops, a dubstep fan gets his wings."

"Jerry Maguire"

Easily my favorite one.

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