Wasteland 2 Kickstarter Hits $900,000 Goal In Just Under Two Days

Illustration for article titled emWasteland 2/em Kickstarter Hits $900,000 Goal In Just Under Two Days

Who says people don't want sequels? Not Brian Fargo. Thousands of backers have borne out the game designer's assertion that there's desire for a follow-up to the classic RPG. And they've shelled out $966,741 as of this writing to make Wasteland 2 happen.


With 32 days left for the funding cycle, it's even possible that Wasteland 2 could surpass the record-breaking numbers of the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter. Either way, the pace of the Wasteland 2 donation testifies to the power of a well-executed experience to stand the test of time. Fargo and the rest of the inXile crew have their work cut out for them.


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First Minecraft, now Kickstarter...

One thing is becoming abundantly clear. Gamers are totally fine with financing a game's development from the startup phase provided they're given a copy at the end of it all.

Honestly, I'm glad this is happening. Even if I'm not PERSONALLY supporting every single one of these startup game projects, their existence is showing the industry that developers don't NEED to be slaves to a money-grubbing, "larger audience"-seeking publisher; the fans will do the work if you have a good idea and know how to get it out there.