'Warzone' Multiplayer is on Gears of War: Judgment Disc Thanks to Stray Code

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Earlier this week Gears fans figured out how to trigger Warzone—it has to be done from a private Team Deathmatch, while hitting the A and B buttons simultaneously in the match's parameters menu. Warzone's exclusion and mysterious reappearance led to rumors the mode was going to be included later as paid DLC, but an Epic Games multiplayer programmer told Eurogamer that was not the case.


Peter Knepley told Eurogamer that "Execution" is the Gears of War: Judgment mode meant to deliver the gameplay style of the old Warzone. Knepley said it "was easier to leave Warzone refs than rip out," which explains why gamers can see "Warzone" as a game choice if they follow the match creation instructions seen in this YouTube video.

We've contacted an Epic Games representative for comment and will update this post if any is made.

[Update] An Epic representative confirms that "we have no current plans to release Warzone, but we don't plan to remove the stray code either. With that said, it's not an optimal play experience. We did release a very similar mode, Execution, as a free add-on this week. We recommend people stick to that."

Gears of War: Judgment Warzone mode found on the disc, and it's playable [Eurogamer]


To be honest other than Overrun being great, most decisions they've made in the multiplayer have been bizarre. The biggest one is only one weapon, before i preferred a Lancer and i could fuck up anyone running at me with a shotgun and then switch to shotgun if they get too close or i accidentally run into someone. Now i just don't have that variety, I'm either strong long range or short range and not both. I'm using the retro lancer for a bit of both but i just don't like the feel of it no matter how much i practice. I'd love to know their reasoning (or anyone else's opinion on this for that matter) for doing this cos to me it seems insane.

And then the choice of modes is odd, domination instead of king of the hill (though that could be personal preference) Taking out the awesome horde for the merely okay survival. Free For All, while not bad, was not in the previous Gears games for a reason...all in all it feels like a poor mans Gears 3 multiplayer to me. Like People Can Fly were determined to stamp their identity on this and doing it poorly.

But like i said, i'd love to hear others opinions, maybe I'm just too stuck on Gears 3 which i played for almost 12 months. But i'd be interested to see if I'm in the minority or not.