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A job posting seeking a senior software engineer for the next game in the Mortal Kombat franchise indicates that new franchise owner Warner Bros. is focusing on online play in a big way.


Unless of course Warner Bros. is keen on tossing about the term 'revolutionize' willy nilly, the new owners of the Mortal Kombat IP following Midway's fire sale have big plans for the franchise's online play. From the job listing:

"You will work closely with architects and designers on both the Mortal Kombat team and the advanced technology group to help design and implement functionality ranging from the core network transport layer all the way to owning the final implementation of brand-new features that will revolutionize online play"


Revolutionizing online play in Mortal Kombat shouldn't really be all that difficult, with only rudimentary online included in the most recent entries in the series. Here's hoping the WB does things up right!

WB Seeks Online Features For Mortal Kombat [Gamasutra]

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