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After months spent catering strictly to the game-purchasing crowd, Mythic has released a free 10-day trial for their massively multiplayer online role-playing game Warhammer Online.


As part of Mythic's plan to draw new players to Warhammer Online in the face of their Call to Arms live expansion, the company has launched a free 10-day trial through Fileplanet, allowing players to give the game a very limited test drive. How limited? Aside from the time constraints, trial players are limited to the game's lowest level content and capital cities. trial players are also limited in what severs they can play on, so if they wish to party with their friends, said friends will have to use their daily free sever transfer to move to one of the trial-assigned servers. Boo.


Did I mention the offer is only available to Fileplanet subscribers?

While I don't understand why Mythic couldn't just let the trail players run wild for 10 days, they must have had their reasons for making the decision. Perhaps they want to keep populations from exploding, degrading the experience of the higher-level paying customers? I just would have thought making it easy for new players to join their friends online would have been a priority.

Still, free is free, and seeing as trials have been limited to the recruit-a-friend program up until now, at least they're finally allowing the friendless among us a chance to see what we've been missing, as long as we're willing to sign up for Fileplanet. At least the download will be quick.

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