Warhammer Online players are one more step closer to the Land of the Dead this week, as Mythic launches their Beyond the Sands live event.

The war between Order and Destruction takes a southward turn this week, as artifacts unearthed in the southern deserts bring with them the wrath of the servants of the undying Tomb Kings. Over the next seven days, players on both sides will do battle with Liche Priests; undead creatures who have followed the Tomb Kings' artifacts to the north. Those who kill enough of the creatures and help their side recover the artifacts of the Nehekharan Kings will be rewarded with special titles - Grave Robber and The Eternal - along with a lovely pair of magical goggles, because nothing says powerful fantasy hero like a pair of purple goggles.


Check out the Dark Elf version of the goggles below, and visit the official event page for more information on how you can help tick off ancient undead beings, which is always a good idea.