Warhammer Online Latest Game To Dog Former Devs In Credits

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Warhammer Online has been in development for years now. And as a project has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Contributing to both those ups and downs have been literally hundreds of staffers who have worked with developers Mythic over the years, from the game's announcement in 2005 through their acquisition by EA through to today. But in a move that's sure to reignite the controversy over crediting in the videogame industry, only those currently employed at Mythic will be recognised in the game's credits. A former Mythic dev has told Shacknews:

This has been an ongoing problem in this industry for many years. I spent three years on WAR and I, including many other people who spent just as much if not close to the same amount of time, will NOT be credited in the game. I was told they made SURE to not include anyone in the list who was not at the office the day of the credit list creation. This is wrong on many levels and should not go unnoticed.


Sure, many will point to the film business, and say the exact same thing happens there, particularly with screenplays. But you know what? That doesn't make it right. Warhammer Online Not Crediting All Developers [Shacknews]

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@taftsearlobe33: I find it pretty unlikely that enough people on the team to constitute a significant number were "caught stealing, leaking secrets, or doing anything wrong"

My first guess was that maybe Mythic had used some of the assets/designs/concept stuff that Climax had done for the game before that version of it went belly-up, and that the people responsible for those bits were some of the ones who weren't being credited. It looks like Mythic really did start from scratch, though, so who knows.