While other massively-multiplayer online games are busy celebrating Valentine's Day, Mythic takes Warhammer Online down a decidedly darker path with the launch of their Night of Murder live event.

Nothing says loving like a knife in the back, and that's what you're likely to get if you participate in Warhammer Online's Night of Murder event, which kicks off this Friday, February 6th and lasts through the 15th. The disciples of the god of murder need victims, and players will do quite nicely. Throughout the even assassins will roam the city streets, with players earning influence rewards for completing daily tasks and killing enemy targets that have been marked for death - including enemy player characters.


From the description of the event at the Warhammer Herald, players won't even know they've been marked, so if you see a large group of enemy players coming your way, odds are they don't want hugs, no matter how cuddly soft you may be.