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Warframe’s next update, The Jovian Concord, is set to arrive on PC next week. The update brings a new boss fight, game mode, and a visual overhaul of the Gas City on Jupiter. You can see some before and after comparisons in the video above.


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I finally gave this game an earnest shot a couple months ago, and man this game is everything I ever wanted Destiny and Anthem to be as I poured hours of my life into those games. The developers are rad and maintain crazy transparency with the community, and the frequent updates never invalidate or trivialize the work you’ve put in (like when Destiny raises light level caps that took you days to grind months earlier).

The best thing about these remasters is that they signal there’s no worry about a Warframe 2 coming out and rendering your progress meaningless. Things players accomplished in this game 6 years ago still carry weight, and that makes it really easy for me to justify sinking time into this.