An East Carolina University doctoral student studying MMOs and video game addiction is looking for survey participants to help in a key component of his dissertation. Notably, the researcher conducting the survey is himself a World of Warcraft player.

That would be Andrew Byrne, whom Joystiq's WoW Insider noted is a shadow priest within the game. Byrne is working within ECU's Department of Addiction and Rehabilitation Studies (which, having lived in eastern North Carolina before, I can assure you is a relevant topic out there.)


Seriously, back on topic here, if you're an MMO gamer, and read accounts of video gaming addiction, doubted the concept, or simply said "no one ever asked me," now someone is. The survey is 20 questions long, taking 15 minutes to finish; your name or other identifying information will not be collected. If you are an MMO gamer, please do respond, and respond honestly. Byrne needs 200 survey respondents; I'm sure a larger sample size would help his work even more.

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