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Warcraft on an iPhone, but is It Coming to Yours?

Yesterday, word spread that Warcraft was OTW for the iPhone, thanks to the app that ran Second Life on an iPhone last year. Skeptical, I held off, but I can't explain why, exactly.

I watched this yesterday morning, looking for any tipoff this was a quicktime movie with cleverly timed gestures - it's four minutes long and pretty elaborate, so I'd say that's unlikely. The video purports to show a jailbroken iPhone operating the Vollee client, which was announced last year as a mobile application capable of playing Second Life. That statement went out with a comment from Linden Lab. Then, also last year, the company also "confirmed negotiations with Activision," in a comment to Blizzplanet.


So I went to Vollee's Web site to see if the company was saying anything officially. Its entire site is down.

Then, this morning, the original video was set to "private." I found a copy (I viewed the original; this matches) and downloaded it from YouTube in case it gets pulled there. It's above.


That doesn't mean anything on its face. But one would reasonably expect that a company working on this kind of an application, "in negotiations with Activision" would have a functioning Web site that touts at least the app, if the Warcraft aspect is too early to announce.

Or, it could be the company has gone out of business, and someone who either worked on the app or has rights to it is trying to resurrect the project.

At minimum, we can only reasonably say that there is an application out there capable of running World of Warcraft on an iPhone, and it seems to be demonstrated above. But that's a long way from "Warcraft coming to the iPhone" territory. I have emailed the spokesperson named on the Vollee/Second Life news release for comment as, of course, corporate contact information is not available through Vollee's site. I'll update if we hear anything.

World of Warcraft on an iPhone ... For Real? [Touch Arcade]

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Roll Equals Cute

That'd be pretty cool. Portable WoW. Just like portable crack!

Oh, wait.