Want to Know What’s Going to Happen In Sonic 4, Episode 2? Then You Should Pick Up Archie Comics’ Sonic Super Special #3

Could it be possible that Sonic the Hedgehog—after years of underwhelming games—is enjoying a bit of a resurgence? Both the re-release of Sonic CD and the debut of the all-new Sonic Generations have been reminding people how fun it is to play as Sega's mascot.


But, as opposed to his game appearances, Sonic's been running strong in comics for a while now. Archie Comics has been publishing comics featuring the sneaker-wearing mammal for more than a decade now, with oversized special issues punctuation a run of 200+ issues.

The latest Super Special—due out in a few weeks—features two specific chapters for Sonic aficianados. There's a story in there that tease plot developments for the upcoming Sonic 4, Episode 2 as well as a reprint of a Sonic CD-themed story from the long-ago Sonic the Hedgehog #25. The Episode 2 story serves as a prequel to the downloadable game, so if you want to figure what Robotnik and Metal Sonic will be doing to piss off Sonic, look for Sonic Super Special #3 at your local comic shop.

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