Sonic CD Could Be The Best Five Dollar Sonic Purchase You Make This Week

Sonic CD was released last week on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network for $4.99. It's a game that stands up on its own even 18 years after it first launched. And it looks great in widescreen.


If you have some spare cash or you have never played Sonic CD, now is probably a good time to pick it up and give it a playthrough.

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I'm surprised nobody's talking about the biggest part of this Sonic CD remake, it didn't even get a mention in the god damn article!

That's right. It's a REMAKE. Not a port. It's a built-from-scratch remake using a FAN MADE GAME ENGINE.

Story goes a little somethin' like this - in the summer of 2009 Christian Whitehead aka The Taxman from Sonic Retro released a tech demo showing off Sonic CD being played on an iPod Touch and in his demonstration he noted how he was able to faithfully recreate the original game in widescreen using the game's original art and sound assets. A few days later he disappeared and was never heard from again. Until recently.

Fast forward to Summer of 2011, the 20th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. Major Nelson drops the ball on Sonic CD being released on XBLA and rumors are swirling about that it's based on The Taxman's Retro Engine, and guess who shows up suddenly to talk about it. That's right, Christian Whitehead himself returns to discuss his new remake which not only features native widescreen support, but also features improved visuals, the option to switch between Sonic CD and Sonic 2/3K's physics, both the US and JP soundtracks, and Tails makes an appearance as an unlockable character when you clear the game.

It was also revealed that he had been working on a new level for the game that didn't make it in called Desert Dazzle, which if he had time to finish it would've been cool, but the idea that he COULD'VE made it paves the way for an ACTUAL Sonic 4 being made with the Retro Engine featuring classic physics, classic level designs, and an actual classic Sonic.

Of course, this backstory is exciting for Sonic fans because of what it means for our fandom, but it's even more exciting for all gamers because it proves that any of us can make something at home in our spare time and have it lead to a potentially lifelong career.