Wanna Drive The Zelda-Mobile?

Well, with an outlay of just $500, you can. The owner of this 1978 Ford Fairmont - which we've seen before - has had enough of his Hylian steed, and is selling up.


What you need to know before buying:

- The car's only done 110,000 miles. Not bad for a 1978.

- There's new brake cables, new tires, new shocks and even a spare headlight waiting for you in the trunk.

- The paintjob is in need of a touch-up. Never fear, the sale includes the leftover paint from the first time around.

If you're anywhere near Corvallis, Oregon, hit the link below. There's contact details for the seller there.


Oh, and if your heart's in need of breaking this evening, know that this combustion-driven Epona is being sold because the owner has a new...Prius.

Legend Of Zelda Car For Sale - $500 [gameSniped]

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