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Waluigi's Heart-Breaking Life As A Smash Absentee

If Nintendo can't put Waluigi in Smash, then this fan-made trailer will do it for them

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Waluigi is very sad that he's not in Smash.
Screenshot: King Bob Gaming

Waluigi being absent from Smash has gone from curiosity to meme and right on through to genuine curiosity the longer he waits to get that call.

And while it doesn’t look like he’ll be joining the game’s overflowing roster any time soon, that can’t stop people from dreaming, from imagining a world where we wake up one morning to watch a Nintendo Direct that opens with something like this:

Beautiful. Deeply emotional on levels I don’t care to elaborate on. That trailer was made by King Bob Gaming, using a Waluigi mod built by MKHT for Project M, the unofficial, fan-driven game/mod that’s available here. It’s everything I would want from an actual Waluigi in Smash announcement.


Of course having Waluigi himself in Project M is nothing new. We’ve been writing about it for years, like this 2016 post, but as you can see here he’s actually been playable in some form since at least 2013.

It’s wild seeing just how professional the mods in this scene have become. Take a look at this video below, for example, showing MKHT’s Waluigi taking on Knuckles from Sonic:

While we’re here, as I was going back through older posts looking for other Waluigi x Smash heartache, I found this video that Tim Rogers made, which swaps out sentiment for science and estimates when, not if, Waluigi will be invited to Smash. The answer is...not soon.

I used mathematics to determine which characters took the longest between their video game debut and their arrival as a playable Smash character. (I included Echo Fighters.) Then I made a video in which I used all the data I collected to make various predictions. For example, I pinpoint a realistic estimate of when Waluigi will arrive in Smash.

If you just want to know which date I came up with for Waluigi, it’s October 23rd, 2038.