Which Smash Character Waited The Longest To Join The Battle?

I used mathematics to determine which characters took the longest between their video game debut and their arrival as a playable Smash character. (I included Echo Fighters.) Then I made a video in which I used all the data I collected to make various predictions. For example, I pinpoint a realistic estimate of when Waluigi will arrive in Smash.

If you just want to know which date I came up with for Waluigi, it’s October 23rd, 2038. I promise I’m not making that number up to punk you.


Yes, that would be in Smash 9.

If you want to know all the mechanical reasoning behind this figure, you’re gonna have to click play, relax, and watch my video, in which I count you down through all the characters.


In the intro of the video, I call Smash “The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade of Itself.” So I took it upon myself to attempt to affect a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade host’s attitude for the voiceover.

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Also, I’d like to shout out my buddy Alex Jaffe for inspiring the idea!


Platypus Man

I mean, without even watching the video it’s gotta be one of the new Ultimate characters because it’s the latest game. And only three of the new characters are especially old: Ridley (Metroid, August 1986), Simon Belmont (Castlevania, September 1986), and Ken Masters (Street Fighter, August 1987). So the answer is Ridley... unless you count Piranha Plant, who isn’t in the game yet and so shouldn’t technically count - it hasn’t been added yet, so that’s post-release and it premiered in Super Mario Bros (September 1985).

Sounds like a cool idea for a video but if all you wanted was the answer then there you have it (unless I’m dumb and forgot someone).