Wait, There's A Ghost Ship In The Witcher 3?

Image: lilrexy
Image: lilrexy

The Witcher 3 is a big game, so big that even three years later it can still surprise us.

The series’ official Twitter account posted this earlier today:


And not a single one of us—that’s thousands of combined hours in the game—had ever seen the thing.

Throw in the fact loads of players never see a whale either and you’ve got to wonder what else is hiding under the game’s deep, dark depths. And I specifically mean you’ve got to wonder, I’m not going anywhere.

Note that the ghost ship isn’t new; some players have obviously found it previously (the pic tweeted above is from this 2015 Reddit post), but it just never blew up—or was never found in wide enough numbers—to be something that everybody knew about.

Do now!

If you want to track it down, here’s a video showing where it pops up:

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Well, shit.

Time for playthrough number seven, I suppose. Been meaning to poke around in Blood and Wine some more, anyway.