Wait a Minute, What the Hell Happens April 9?

Is it the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack release date? Bungie's latest update ends with "PS: 04/09/09." Last week, notes sharp-eyed reader Crono51, the studio hinted the release date was coming "Soon™. Maybe next week."

When people throw cryptic crap at me and gratuitously trademark adverbs, I just start taking it all at face value and obligate them to statements they may not have intended, because that usually drags out the truth pretty fast. So (clears throat) your Mythic Map Pack is OTW in about three weeks*. Or Bungie is using the European date format, in which case it will be here Sept. 4.


* - Unless it's not. This is a rumor after all.

Bungie Weekly Update: 03/20/09 [Bungie]

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