VVVVVV on the 3DS! Get Your Codes for VVVVVV on the 3DS Here! Who's Ready?

Illustration for article titled emVVVVVV/em on the 3DS! Get Your Codes for emVVVVVV/em on the 3DS Here! Whos Ready?

Alright gang, here we go with another wild download code giveaway over Twitter, and this one is extra super special because the codes are for a game that is not even available yet.


But if you're lucky enough to snag one of six codes I'm giving out over Kotaku's official Twitter in the next two hours, you can get your hands on VVVVVV from the Nintendo eShop and start playing it before it comes out next week! It's a gift ... FROM THE FUTURE.

What the hell is VVVVVV? on the 3DS like? Well, you can read up about it here. But go follow Kotaku or, y'know, yours truly and then watch those feeds between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. EST. We'll be giving out six codes, first come, first served. Good luck!


To get to the Redeem Code screen in the eShop on your 3DS: 1. Launch the eShop. 2. Select "Settings/Other" (it is the furthest left in the eShop, or select the Menu tab at upper left, and navigate to "Settings/Other". "Redeem Download Code" is your first option. Select it and enter the code.

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It's been half an hour and I don't see a single "I don't have Twitter because I hate it and you are all zombies and fuck you" comment.

This is very strange.