Virtua Tennis 4 will support Kinect when it arrives this spring, making it just the second sports title with versions supporting all three motion gaming flavors: Wii, PlayStation Move and Kinect.

By my reckoning there is only one title with currently available versions supported by all three devices - and that's Zumba Fitness. Brunswick Pro Bowling has an Xbox 360 version coming Feb. 11 and Michael Jackson: The Experience has yet to release on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Grand Slam Tennis 11, by EA Sports, is expected to support all three devices but its release date has yet to be determined.

Virtua Tennis 4 will beat Grand Slam to the shelves, making it the first tennis game on Kinect, a platform that would seem to be a natural for it. Top Spin 4, 2K Sports' tennis game, said earlier this week it would support both Move and 3D presentation on the PS3, but not Kinect.


Virtua will include stars like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Caroline Wozniacki, all of whom are also on the Top Spin roster.