The Xbox 360 Games On Demand options expand by two, as Microsoft has added brawler Virtua Fighter 5 and footballer FIFA Street 3 to the downloadable games service, making it easier to be a game-buying sloth.

Or, so they say. Looks like FIFA Street 3 is available to download according to the online Xbox Live Marketplace game page. And for $19.99, about what a new copy of the game is going for. But Virtua Fighter 5? Not showing as a fully downloadable Games On Demand game online as of right now. Via the Xbox Live Marketplace may be a different story.


Yes, these games are definitely pricier than the bargains one can typically get with a little bargain hunting. Amazon is selling VF5 new for $11.11 USD, which is a nice little deal for one of the better fighting games this generation.

But you can't put a price on laziness, folks.