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Violent Video Games Now Getting You 3-5 Years In A Venezuelan Prison

Illustration for article titled Violent Video Games Now Getting You 3-5 Years In A Venezuelan Prison

Venezuela's new anti-violent video game law just recently went into effect, an opportunity for those who import or sell violent video games (and toys) a chance to pay a hefty fine and spend three-to-five years in prison.


Gamesthirst and La Gaceta help the potentially violent video gamer better understand Ley para la Prohibición de Videojuegos Bélicos y Juguetes Bélicos, Venezuela's anti-violent game legislation that was proposed last summer and went into effect earlier this month.


Basically, the law says that those who "import, manufacture, sell, rent, or distribute violent toys or video games"—games with "information or images that promote or incite violence and the use of weapons"—can land them in prison for up to five years. Those guilty of promoting such games carry a fine "between 2,000 and 4,000 tax units."

Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez must be pretty excited to get this "poison" out of the hands of his people, particularly Mercernaries 2: World in Flames, which didn't sit too well with government officials.

Venezuelan Gamers Could Face 3-5 Years In Prison For Importing "Violent Videogames" [Gamesthirst]

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I don't get why the U.S. just doesn't go to Venezuela to overthrow Chávez's ass and then the people of Venezuela can experience some true freedom instead of being the subjects of another crazy Dictator.