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Venezuelan Politicians Trying To Ban Violent Video Games

Illustration for article titled Venezuelan Politicians Trying To Ban Violent Video Games

There's a bill currently snaking its way through Venezuela's parliament that, if passed into law, will result in a total ban in the sale of violent video games in the country.


The Bill for the Prohibition of Video Games and Toy Weapons was presented to the National Assembly yesterday, and was swiftly approved after its first debate. Under Venezuelan law, a bill needs to pass two debates, and then be approved by the President, before being passed into law.

Should it become law, it will be illegal to sell or distribute violent video games in the country, with offenders risking heavy fines if caught in violation.


It's been introduced with two things in mind: concerns over the effect violent games and toys have on the development of children, along with a fear that violent toys (also covered under the bill) can be used can be used in real crimes.

One has to wonder if this is all Mercenaries 2's fault.

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Very unfortunate for our venezuelan neighbors (I'm brazilian), but definitely not a surprize coming from Chavez.

And stupidities like that will continue happening until someone throws this dictator out of power.

He already closed up several TV stations that goes against him, protests that goes against his dictatorship are always censored and fought back through violence, and he's also isolating the country by ruining the relationship with neighboring and STEALING legaly settled foreign companies in Venezuela.

It is truly sad to see the people suffering on the hands of this lunatic megalomaniac moron.