Vin Diesel's been on a full-court publicity press of late, but say this about the man - he's not a phony when it comes to games.

Diesel appeared on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, an entertainment/interview program (fine, programme, happy?) on BBC One. The tables get turned rather quickly when Ross asks Diesel about his gaming origins. Vin's spoken about this before, but it seems he also had a Dungeons & Dragons phase. And he plays World of Warcraft. So does Ross, and more important, so does Ross' wife, which thoroughly impresses the actor and game producer.


The relevant portion begins at 5:24 of this 10 minute video; here's the transcript, beginning with Diesel talking about MMOs.

Jonathan Ross: Do you play those games?
Vin Diesel: Oh, how could you not?
JR: What level are you in World of Warcraft?
VD: Oh ... I'm deadly.
JR [Not letting him off the hook]: What level are you? Bring it on Diesel. Because I'll tell you what you're looking at right here. You're looking at a level 7 dwarf. That's a very low level I should point out, but I haven't a lot of time. My wife is a level 80.
[Diesel is stunned]
JR: You're right to look amazed.
VD: Level 80 what?
JR: I don't know ... [Diesel looks like he's thinking this is BS]. But she's green and rides a spectral tiger.
VD [agog]: Oh my God, you're not - He's not kidding. Seriously he's not kidding. No this is really, really serious.

Diesel then stood and shook Ross' hand and asked him to give his best to his wife, which, when you think about the construction of that sentence, is quite a compliment.

Vin Diesel on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross [YouTube, thanks VinLieger]

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