Video of what looks like a PlayStation Phone prototype hit YouTube earlier today. Physically it looks very much like the rumored device. A main menu and screens showing device information and firmware are seen, but no gaming features are depicted.

The device, the Sony Ericsson "Zeus" appears to use the telecommunications carrier MTEL CG, which is based in Montenegro. Although a PlayStation icon can clearly be seen on the screen, it's noteworthy that the guy never touches it. The video, seen here on YouTube, is of unknown origin.

Reports in August said Sony was basing the PlayStation Phone on the Android 3.0 platform. Rumors of a PlayStation Phone have bubbled up off and on for more than two years, getting renewed strength in March when the Wall Street Journal reported Sony was working on a smartphone capable of downloading and playing original PlayStation titles.


Update: Reader Silellak provides this video of the same guy touching the PlayStation icon in the phone. It brings up a screen saying the device has no games to load.