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Video of the New Xbox Dashboard Surfaces After Leak

A recent leak of the latest software development kit for Xbox 360 included the new Xbox Live dashboard, which rumor has it will be released on Nov. 15, and scuttlebutt has it some kind of cable TV service could arrive with it. This two minute video [hit mute unless you want to hear some reggae] of the new dashboard does not show any streaming television, but it does give a good look at how complete Kinect integration works.


The dashboard is in French but you can pick up the gist of what the panels deal with. A lot of this was covered back in June when Microsoft released a bunch of screens for the new dashboard. We just haven't seen it all in motion yet. The background also is a lot darker; not sure if that's a night/day kind of thing or something that was customized.


Xbox 360 dashboard 2.0.14448.0 XDK (Fall 2011) leaks on to the web [NeoGAF. h/t The Relic]

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Microsoft is trying hard to make their interface as similar to the PS3's as possible, but still... it's ugly and discombobulated. I do not see much organization from this, it hurts me eyes just to look at it. Why can't they just keep the first one they had? IT seems to me that they keep remaking it in order to try to keep their damn system alive longer than it should be.