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The ever-popular Video Games Live tour, which features orchestral performances of a super wide range of music from games, has 50 newly announced dates for stops all around the globe, from Europe to Southeast Asia to South America and more.


The tour (dates and ticket info here) will include concerts in Mexico City, Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai, Milan, Paris and London, along with numerous spots all across North America and undetermined cities in Brazil, Peru, Panama and Venezuela. The tour kicks off this weekend we are currently inhabiting in Arizona, and extends into 2015. The press release for the announcement of these dates and stops claims there will be more added for both this year and next, so yeah...

The 10-city swing through Mexico, by the way, will feature Malukah singing her Skyrim song "The Dragonborn Comes," so, yeah... again. Other regions will get their own unique bits, and so you'll need to set a lofty goal for your indiegogo campaign if you want to see and hear everything.

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